Your 2018 Verdict Ridge Board of Directors:  
 Dan Trotta- President
Yvette Patterson - Vice President
Donna Blantin - Secretary
Ian Howell - Treasurer
Dave Peterson - At Large
Scott Knox
Board of Officers for The Reserves
Keith Mashburn - President
Timothy Hartman - Vice President
Gary Downing - Treasurer
Bill Vagnoni - Liaison to Main HOA
Linda Heller- ARC Liaison
Board of Officers for The Greens
Bill McKee -  President
Please join us on March 2, 2020 for the Annual Homeowners Meeting.  The meeting will be held at the club house at 6:30.
There is now a Facebook Group for Verdict Ridge Homeowners. Please search Facebook for the phrase 'VRHOA' and request to join the group. The HOATown site will continue to be used, but mostly just as a repository for HOA Documents.

Streetlight burned out or operating 24-hours per day?  To report, call Rutherford Electric at 704-435-5401 and give them the Pole Number (small yellow/black numerals at the base of the pole) and the street name.



Verdict Ridge HOA day-to-day operations is managed by Superior Association Management. To report an issue, ask a question or voice a concern, you may contact Pam Mortellaro Yasses (  

Please specify in the text or subject line that you are a Verdict Ridge resident.