Pool Hours

 The Fox Hills pools offically opens on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.  The pools close at the end of Labor Day weekend or potentially up to 2 weeks after, which is determined based on the weather.



Schedule before school is out for the Summer: 

Mon - Thur






4 - 9pm

4 - 9pm

12 - 9pm



Schedule after school is out for the Summer:





12 - 9pm

12 - 9pm


The pool will be open prior to these times for lessons and swim

team practice.  During these times, no adults or baby sitters will

be permitted in the pool complex without the permission of the

Pool Manager or Swim Team Coach.


The pool will be closed at the discretion of the Pool Manager for

health, weather, repair and during home swim meets (closes at

5:00 PM during meets).  The pool can also be closed prior to

Board approved club functions or preparations.