Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

These rules are made in the interest of all tennis-playing residents and are subject to change based upon recommendations and experience.  Interpretations should be referred to the Board of Trustees, Pool & Tennis Coordinator.

Resident members are allowed to use the courts.  Guests may use the courts with a resident member present. All tennis, basketball or pickleball should be started on the hour to allow any waiting players their turn on the next change of hour. 

Tennis, basketball or running shoes are mandatory.  No pets are allowed on the courts or to be tied on the common grounds while the players are on the court.  No bicycles, roller blades or anything with wheels are permitted on the courts.  Take pride in your courts and the surrounding area.  Keep them clean and free of litter.  Please lock the courts when finishing play.  Courts are for the use of members only.  Members only have keys to the area. T

GUESTS:  Guests may play only when accompanied by a resident member.  There is a fee of $3.00 per guest, per day.  These fees must be paid at the guard shack in the pool area.  THis fee also covers the use of the pool for that day. If there is no one there at the time of play, it is the resident member's responsibility to get the guest fee money to the pool staff as soon as possible when they are present.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and for acquainting them with the club rules 

RESERVED COURT TIMEReserved summer court time may be purchased for $10 per court per hour (for the complete playing season) by contacting the Pool & Tennis Coordinator.  The reserved court time charge is in lieu of guest fees. Special events (such as tournaments, clinics, leagues, etc.) may also be scheduled/reserved. Pricing should be arranged with the Pool & Tennis Coordinator.

ACCESS: Acess to the tennis courts can be obtained by going to the gaurd shack during regular pool hours.  Guards will open the gate.  When leaving, please lock the gate behind you. During off hours or for regular resident players, please contact the Pool & Tennis coordinator for the access code.



BASKETBALL: Basketball is permitted in the tennis area on the portable rims. Basketball will constitute the same rules as tennis (hourly play, guest fees, reserved court time, shoe type, etc).  See above for details. Basketballs are available for use and can be obtained from the pool staff at the guard shack.

FLOOR HOCKEY: Floor Hockey is permitted in the tennis area with the portable nets.  If a tennis court is in use for tennis, Floor hockey should be restricted to one court and will constitute the same rules as tennis (hourly play, guest fees, reserved court time, shoe type, etc). See above for details.

RUNNING/WALKING: Running/Walking around the perimiter of the courts is permitted in the tennis area. It takes 12 laps around the inner perimiter to equal 1 mile. Use of the courts for running/walking will require apprropriate shoe type and is only permitted for residents. Running/walking is restricted if courts are being utilized for game play.