Pool Information



Our pools are chlorinated via a saltwater chlorination system.  This provides our resident swimmers with almost no "burn" to the eyes or dry skin, while keeping our pools bacteria free and sparkling clean.  This is done via a complex system stored in our pump room (attached to the clubhouse).

The filtering and cleaning of the pools water is done in the pump room.  The pool water is pumped through 3 high pressure vessels filled with silica sand and polypropylene sediment filter media filters. Water is pumped and filtered at a rate of 120 gallons per minute.  We also have 2 boilers to control the temperature of the pool water.

Our pump room is the “heart” of our complex.  It houses all of the pool pumps, boilers for the pools and club house, water heater  providing hot water to the club house and bath house, furnace to heat pump room in winter months, electrical load center and breakers, gas and water meters, salt water chlorination system and control box for sprinkler systems.