Paula's Pavilion

The pavilion was named after a prominent community member who had passed away about 8 years ago.  It is constucted of both pressure treated pine as well as composite decking material.  Since its construction, many Fox Hills community members rent it for parties, family events and more.  Within the pavilion are hung many of the community's swim team wooden display kickboards that each have a season of signatures from all team members. Below are a list of guidelines for the rental by Fox Hills community members only.

Rules and Regulations for Pavilion Rental

1.  Rental fees are $50 for half-day rentals.  Rental times are 12–4 or 5-9, Sun-Sat.

2.  Rental fees are $100 for full-day rentals.  Rental times are 12-9, Sun-Sat.

3.  Full rental fee is due at the time of scheduling, via check.  Checks should be made out to “Fox Hills Community Association”. 

4.  Swimming is not included in the pavilion rental for non-community members. They should be added at the time of rental for $3 per swimmer.  Payment will be made directly to the lifeguard shack via cash or check.

3.  The Pavilion is only available from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (or until the pool is closed for the season, which may be extended based on the weather forecast).

4.  Rentals will be scheduled and paid between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend at the lifeguard shack during pool hours. Questions can be directed to the Pool Manager at those times.

5.  Rentals will be scheduled and paid during the closed pool seasons, with the Pool & Tennis coordinator. Their contact is

6.  Reservations for rental of the Pavilion can be made up to 1 year prior to the date of rental.

7.  Refunds will be given for cancellations if notice of the cancellation is received at least 2 weeks prior to the date of rental.


8.  If a reservation is cancelled with less than two weeks’ notice, any full or partial refund shall be in the sole discretion of the Pool Manager. Consideration may be given to inclement weather, illness or other events outside the reasonable control of the renter. 

9.  The BBQ brick grill is included in each rental. The Weber grill is available for other grilling.  Charcoal, lighter fluid, cooking utensils are NOT provided.   

Any questions can be directed to the Pool & Tennis Coordinator at