Board Members
About Paul Bernstein: The Pool/Tennis Coordinator shall be the Board liaison between the Board and the Pool Manager/Staff. The duties include providing/updating the pool managerís contract for Board approval, overseeing pool requisitions as needed, coordinating pool opening and closing, maintenance of the tennis courts/nets and other duties as needed in connection with the pool/tennis operation. The Pool/Tennis Coordinator responsibilities are limited to the operations of the pools, maintenance of all mechanical equipment related to the operation of the pools, pool deck, pool deck personal property, tennis courts and pool staff. The Pool/Tennis Coordinator will oversee the daily upkeep the bathhouses during summer operation. The Pool/Tennis Coordinator will contract the closing and winterization of the bathhouse at the time of closing and winterization of the pools. The Community House Coordinator, as described in Section 10, By-Law III, shall verify the winterization process. The Pool/Tennis/Coordinator shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to them by the President or by the Board. This trustee has the authority to contract with vendors to perform all necessary functions in order to carry out his/her responsibilities. There IS budgetary consideration for this position.
Phone: 248-563-1638