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Community Interest

LIR: Distinguished Lecture Series
To see the schedule of upcoming lectures, go the the LIR Charter Club page or click here.

What's Going on Around Town?
The Arts & Entertainment page has a great list of things to do.
Click here to view the details.


Golf Cart Parking Etiquette Video
Ballard Brooks, Nick Nickerson and Stacy Gooding have created a video to demonstrate how to more efficiently use our parking spaces for golf carts.

Click here to view the video.

Memory Loss
Is it a sign of aging or something more serious?

SCP resident, Jack St Genis, is featured on a Fox News medical team special report on a condition known as Mild Cognitive Impairment.
Click here to view the video and/or read the entire story.

Resident Spotlights
Check out the latest editions of the Community Buzz the learn more about some of our incredible residents.

Day Trips by Dave Graves

SCP resident, Dave Graves, has been out and about! He has been on a few day trips that are just a short drive from Sun City Peachtree. Click here to read about the adventures Dave has to share.

Dave would like to continuously add to the menu of Sun City Day Trips.  If you know of an interesting "day trip" destination please send it to  Please include location, admission charge, highlights, and directions.