Clubhouse Rental Instructions

Silvercreek Master Association

5025 Silvercreek Blvd.

Oakland Township, Ml 48306


To Reserve the Club House

Download Contract is HERE 


  1. Read the Resident Guidelines for Use of Clubhouse. Verify that you are able to meet the requirements.
  2. Contact Rhonda Conrad at Leadership Management (810)735-6000 to verify the availability of your date.
  3. Once confirmed that the date is available, complete the attached Clubhouse Rental Agreement.
  4. Attach a copy of your homeowners or extended liability insurance policy to the rental agreement, along with a $200.00 deposit check made out the Silvercreek Master Association.
  5. The Clubhouse Rental Agreement, Insurance Policy and $200.00 deposit shall be enclosed in an envelope and shall be submitted to the Silvercreek drop box located at the entrance to the Fitness Center.
  6. Call the Management office at (810)735-6000 and leave a message notifying that an envelope for a clubhouse reservation is in the drop box.
  7. You will receive a phone call prior to your event with the phone number of the contact person responsible for the opening and closing of the clubhouse. There is a minimum 4-hour rental at $150.00 to reserve the Clubhouse, additional time will be at $25.00 per hour. This fee will be collected at the end of the party by check.
  8. All paperwork and checks must be signed by and in the Homeowners name. Lessees and those delinquent in their assessments are not eligible for this amenity.
  9. There will be no rentals on major holidays. This includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.
  10. For private parties, a security deposit must be submitted to the Silvercreek drop box when making your reservation; Scheduling is a first come first serve basis, based on delivery of Security Deposit.
    1. A security deposit of $200.00 must be paid, by check payable to Silvercreek Master Association and dropped off at the Silvercreek Drop
    2. There is a television set and DVD player available for use.
    3. Only Unit Owners who are current on all association fees. Including any late fees and fines will be allowed to rent the clubhouse. The clubhouse is not available for rent to those leasing the condominium. Proof of liability insurance is also required.
    4. Carpet must be vacuumed and floor mopped.
    5. Please leave bathrooms clean and neat.
    6. The cost of any damages to light fixtures, furniture, or stains on carpeting will be deducted from your security deposit.
    7. Garbage is to be bagged and taken with you, as there is no place to store it.