Silvercreek Homeowner Association

August 28, 2006

Dear Silvercreek Homeowner

Most of you have consistently ranked replacement mailboxes as your most desired improvement to the neighborhood. The board has studied this issue extensively and we are very pleased to put an option out to the association for vote.

After review of many different mailbox options we are proposing the installation of Whitehall mailboxes for the neighborhood. These extra large boxes and poles are made of die-cast powder-coated aluminum and are designed to last a lifetime. We are proposing French Bronze boxes and poles with personalized side panels and front panels. Below are some pictures of the product.

Mailbox on single mount w/ side and front panels

Dual mount pole

There will be a cost to each homeowner in order to take on this improvement project. Each homeowner will be asked to pay $200. The balance of the bill (about $150 per home) will be paid out of the neighborhood reserve. The $200 will be due once the project is approved.

The by-laws of Silvercreek HOA allow for both special assessments for common element improvements and spending from the neighborhood reserve fund. Section 2.2 Determination of Assessments mandates that special assessments can only be levied by approval of more than 60% of all homeowners. In order for the mailbox project to be approved we will need 65 homeowners to indicate their approval.

Over the next two weeks members of the board and a few other homeowners that have been helping with this project will be coming around with voting ballots. You can indicate your approval for the project by voting YES. The voting period will be from August 28 - September 23. If prior to the September 23, 65 affirmative votes are collected, the project will be considered approved and a $200 special assessment will be levied. This assessment will be due within 30 days of issuance. Fines will be issued to homeowners that fail to pay the bill within 30 days. If 65 votes are not secured by September 23, the project will be considered not approved and no action will be taken.

A ballot is attached to this letter and you may feel free to use the ballot to vote. Please return your ballot to any of the board members below.

The board is excited to propose this project and we believe it will add to the beauty and value of our community. We look forward to your support and we are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Kind Regards,

Chris Bishop, President, 3751 Woodmonte

Robert Pulliam, Treasurer, 3829 Woodmonte

Deborah Paterra, Secretary, 3696 Woodmonte

Silvercreek Homeowner Association
Mailbox Replacement Program

Special Assessment Vote

The Silvercreek Homeowners Association Board of Directors is proposing a one time special assessment of $200 to be paid by each Co-Owner in the Association. The monies from this assessment shall be used solely for the purchase and installation of new mailboxes.

Please indicate your vote below

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