Duck Key Property Owners Association

 Help with Sign In:

Your user name is not case sensitive. Your password is case sensitive, and must contain at least 5 characters, with one capital and one number.  Original passwords will still work unless you decide to change them.  At that time you must follow the new password rules above.

Name :   JohnSmith or johnsmith or Johnsmith 

Login:     Smith124      (IMPORTANT  a mixture of one or more numbers, capitals and lower case letters)

Help with printing out the Address Book:

If you want to print out the entire address book, here are your instructions:

( PRINT OUT--Entire address book)

Go to "Community Documents" and download a complete file listed as "Address Book Printout", hit on download; this will pop up a box titled "Do you want to open or save this file?", hit on "open".   Once you open the file you can PRINT, VIEW, or SAVE this document.    THIS IS A PDF FILE AND ANYONE CAN OPEN IT AND PRINT OUT THE ADDRESSES.

If you want just one page (the page that is open), simply hit File at the top of your screen then print, as you would normally print a page from your computer while you are on line.  This will only print the current page.  You would have to repeat this for each page you wanted printed.

Help with changing your password and updating personal info:


In order to change your password or update personal information, click on "My Account" in the upper left corner of the page. Then click on "Edit Profile".

Help with navigation the Address Book:

When you want to go from one alphabet to another, or to find a member whose name begins with a W , for example, hit on the W at the top of the Address Book, and it will go directly to the W section.  There is no need to keep hitting next.

Help with Photo Gallery:

Steps for opening up a picture in "Photo Gallery":

1.  Hit on "Photo Gallery"

2.  Click on what album you want open (you must hit on the underlined words, not the folder).

     i.e.:  Florida Keys Scenery

3.  Once the album opens up, you double click on the actual picture you want to see, it will automatically open up as a larger picture.  You may want to enlarge your viewing by hitting the enlarge box on the top right hand corner of your window.

Steps for "UPLOADING" pictures in the "Photo Gallery"

1.  Hit on "Photo Gallery"

2.  Hit on create.

3.  A box will come up titled "Album".  You must fill in the NAME:________ (with the name you want to call your pictures), then fill in DESCRIPTION:____________(with a short description of the pictures).

4.  Hit on "Add"

5.  This will take you back to the folder.  Click on the NAME of the folder.

6.  This will take you to the "UPLOAD" section in order to upload the image or images you want. 

7.  You hit on "BROWSE", you would have to browse your own computer and find the image you want, then hit "open".  Then hit on "Add" at the bottom, this will take a few minutes to actually upload the picture.  Then hit on "Save".  This completes the upload and saves it to the folder.

8.  If you want to add more pictures, you must repeat the procedure for each picture you add.