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D.K.P.O.A.'s Mission & Vision Statements

Updated February 4,2017

The Board and President of D.K.P.O.A. has approved a Mission and Vision Statement to allow members and other interested parties to better understand the purpose and goals of D.K.P.O.A. going forward. Below you will find both statements.





2015 Has Been A Great Year For D.K.P.O.A.; Lots To Accomplish in 2016



A Winter 2015 Message from D.K.P.O.A.'s President Dave Williamson

My name is David Williamson and I am reaching out to you to solicit your opinion on behalf of the Duck Key Property Owners Association (DKPOA). 

Following our General meeting last year, much progress has been made on improvements to Duck Key.  Several projects were completed, including new street signs, improved gardens, the completion of a canal engineering depth survey, trimming canal overgrowth, planting to cover the bridge sewer pipes and the repairs to the railings on the Bimini and Yacht Club Island bridges. 

Membership contributions have increased by 14% over the previous year giving us some much needed financial flexibility for our work. Thank you for your willingness to pitch in with a your money. A special thank you to those of you who have given additional monies above and beyond their dues. 

DKPOA has increased co-ordination of activities relating to safety and security with the Duck Key Security Advisory Board managed programs. 

Some larger projects, such as dredging the canals, are in progress but will require extensive planning, obtaining of permits and raising money through voluntary contributions to cover the project costs. We are continuing to scope and plan the project, and will require your help in securing the required funds to proceed with the permit applications and dredging. To make the contributions tax deductible, we intend to create a corporation which will apply for a non-profit status with the IRS. 

Other projects suggested last year by respondents to our survey proved to be impractical. For example, installing a gate at the Truman Bridge would require Duck Key residents to take over responsibility for the Duck Key road maintenance. Burying the electrical and communication utilities underground would require another major digging up of the island and a massive amount of funding from the FKEC. 

This year we are again planning for future improvements to our island to continue to enhance its natural beauty and to protect the value of our properties. As with all assets, ongoing regular maintenance is needed to ensure that our island does not deteriorate through the impact of storms, erosion, invasive plants and animals, and unfortunately, vandalism from some visitors and contractors. 

To ensure that we are representing a broad view of Duck Key residents, I am asking for your input. We are mailing you a package that includes a survey, please check off the 5 most important areas of maintenance or improvements that you would like to see done over the next 5 years. 


We are listing the areas for improvement that we are aware of, but you may have other views or priorities. Please use the provided blank lines to describe what we may have missed. 


Please send your completed forms to me or bring the completed survey to the Annual General Meeting of the Duck Key Property Owners’ Association on March 15th 2015 at 4pm. 


We will collate and summarize this input and report back to you on our findings and action plans that will follow from this survey. Watch for the next issue of the Duck Key Newsletter, or go the DKPOA website to check for the results of the survey. 

Thank you for your input.


Respectfully yours, 

David Williamson


A Fall 2013 Message from D.K.P.O.A.'s President Dave Williamson


It is wonderful to see so many of our friends returning from around the county! As you first enter Duck Key I hope you are as thrilled as I about the finished bridge, roadwork and overall state of the island. To complement these improvements we have trimmed and mulched all the trees in the right of way. We are also preparing to remove the broken and outdated wooden road signs.

Mark your calendars for Saturday December 7th from 9 - 11 am. We will be having an island wide cleanup. We invite everyone to join in to pick up debris from along the roadsides. Please meet us at Club Duck Key at 9 am for assignments.

To further enhance the beauty of our island, we ask that you kindly remove your garbage cans from the roadside as soon as they are empty. In addition, we request that you not place cans filled with debris at the curb for extended time frames. Neighbors and yard maintenance workers are generally happy to help with this request if you are not home at the time.

The canals are narrowing due to extensive brush that is growing and encroaching on the space to navigate boats. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to trim the vegetation that is growing over the canals, not the county.

Likewise, our canals are becoming very shallow. We are currently working on the formation of a committee to investigate funding and permitting for canal dredging.

I hope you have a wonderful holidays with friends and family. We have much to be thankful for!!! I look forward to seeing you in the near future....Dave.


Dave Williamson

DKPOA President


Summer 2013 Message from D.K.P.O.A.’s President Dave Williamson


Greetings from Upstate New York!


I would like to share a few things as reminders…

1.      Duck Key Security will check your home.  We request this for our home during any absences throughout the year.  Brian Lancaster will provide contact information for you if you have any questions.

2.       Neighborhood Watch…  Before our departure we heard a neighbors alarm sounding.  Fortunately it was a maintenance worker who had entered without disarming the system.  Please keep an eye open for unusual sights and sounds.

3.      The Aqueduct Authority is working on a screening of our bridges to provide a covering of the piping that is attached to the bridges.

4.      Sewer connection progress is being made.  We are hoping for a year end wrap up.

5.      Landscape Maintenance…  We have hired “Second Nature” a business that is owned by a Duck Key resident.  They will provide maintenance on areas DKPOA is caring for around the island. Our request to Second Nature is to maintain these areas to the same standards year around.  We have one of our board members responsible for monitoring the maintenance of these areas.

6.        If you have questions or concerns regarding island issues, please email us.  It is our island and we all need to preserve and protect our beautiful resource. It is truly a wonderful place to live and play.  


 If you see any of our board members please thank them.  They provide hundreds of hours of combined service to our islands.   If you are not a member of DKPOA today, please consider joining us. We need your support.  We have many projects pending.

Thanks and have a great summer!  Dave



A January 2013 Message from D.K.P.O.A.’s President Dave Williamson

Happy New Year!!!  As I write this note I ask where has another year gone?  The DKPOA board has been very busy since our 2012 annual meeting.  Members of our board have requested that I share with you what has occurred over the last 12 months.  Many of you do realize, having served on our homeowners association, that there are countless issues we deal with. However, some residents and property owners may not have any conception. 

When I assumed the position of president last January, I felt it necessary to add additional board members.  The board consists of the following members: JoAnn Orr-Treasurer, Mary Salinger-Secretary, Doris Bicknell-Assistant Secretary, Jerry Forte-Beautification, Laura Goodman-Flood Zones and Membership, Jim Boback-Regulations and Codes, Roger Marriott and Bob McCormick-Sewers, John Shebel-Insurance and Regulatory, Brian Lancaster-Newsletter, Website, and Facebook .  Our board met every month this year (excluding August) either here on the island or by telephone conference.  Here are some of the issues and results that were addressed.


1.      Review of the By-Laws and approval at the DKPOA Annual Meeting

2.      Meetings with the homeowners & FKAA on sewer and gray water usage; questions and concerns.

3.      Establishment of a 10 % discount for DKPOA Membership at Hawks Cay for use in restaurants and spa. New customers for landscape maintenance for 3 months receive 25% discount through Christian’s Landscape.

4.      Beautification committee is working with the Aqueduct Authority to allow plantings around the newly installed lift stations.

5.      Meeting with Commissioner Rice with respect to security, canal dredging, infrastructure of our bridges, screening of the sewer piping on these bridges, county property taxes, EMT and fire protection, illegal weekly rentals.

6.      Welcome Back Party

7.      Buoys and Wake Zone Signage-replacement and repairs

8.      Replacement of old island signage forthcoming upon completion of sewer update

9.      Preparing budget. Creating a long term plan on how we now will use the funds from our dues to beautify the island, upon completion of the sewer construction.

10.   Reestablish the island wide clean up date.  Scheduled for Saturday March 16th.  Mark your calendars!  More details coming.

11.   Website Updating

12.   Meetings with Duck Key Security Board President Tom Neville regarding break ins on the island and camera installation


These were some of the projects we continue to work on in your behalf.  Please plan to attend our Annual Meeting February 17th at 4:00PM. We have a great number of topics to cover.


Thank you to our board members, as they have all worked very hard in your behalf.  Please take the time to thank them for their service.



Dave Williamson


DKPOA President