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Monroe County Fire Rescue Offers Duck Key Residents Help with Hurricane Irma Recovery



Updated October 5, 2017

Monroe County Fires Rescue Captain Christopher Cane from the Conch Key Fire Station reached out to D.K.P.O.A. President David Williamson with an offer to assist Duck Key residents with Hurricane Irma Recovery assistance. Below is the note he sent David and his contact information. We would like to thank Captain Cane and the Monroe County Fires Rescue Service for offering to help Duck Key residents.


I am contacting you in order to extend the services of Monroe County Fire Rescue to the residents of Duck Key in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and ensure that our community receives all of the help needed in the recovery from this storm. The Firefighters on shift at our Conch Key station are available to assist residents with clearing of major debris and trees as well as with the removal of any furniture, flooring, or drywall that may have been damaged. 


Any residents that require assistance with their property can arrange to have the crews come out by contacting the on duty Battalion Chief at 305-797-1136. If you have any questions you can also reach out to me at the number listed below, or by calling the station directly at 305-289-1313.



Christopher Cane
Monroe County Fire Rescue
Phone: 305-393-9035



Hurricane Irma Update, What We Know and What We Don't Know


Updated September 11, 2017

Duck Key has No Power, No Water, No Sewer, No Cell Service and No Internet. As of yesterday, evening the roads on Duck Key were impassible. Some people have walked in and have checked on their homes. No confirmed definitive number on the level of storm surge. Some say they had several feet of water in their homes, some say their home has no water in them and because of elevation differences on Duck Key we cannot tell you if you have water in your home or damage to your property. At this time, we do not have the ability to have someone to check on your properties. 

There is a video on our Facebook Page (DKPOA) that shows a short glimpse of Duck Key from a Helicopter, it shows some damage to roofs at Hawks Cay but no details from our Duck Key Community. The view of Duck Key starts at about the 2:41 second mark of the video.

We will continue to update our Facebook page with only information that we can verify as real. There is a lot of wrong and misleading information on the web that ends up being incorrect. I promise you that we will continue to post everything that we can. If you have confirmed Duck Key information or pictures that we can post please share it on our Facebook page so others may benefit from it. Everyone is on pins and needles about our beloved Duck Key and their properties.  

Below are the latest updates from Monroe County Board of County Commissioners and Monroe County Government

Monroe County BOCC

Monroe County will open re-entry into the Keys for residents and business owners in Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Entry requires a yellow re-entry sticker or proof of residency or business ownership in those three cities. A roadblock will be put around Mile Marker 74, just before Sea Oates Beach where part of the road has washed out. An FDOT road crew will repair the road tomorrow.

Returning residents should consider that there are limited services. Most areas are still without power and water. Cell service is spotty. And most gas stations are still closed.


Mariners Hospital in Tavernier will open at 7 a.m. tomorrow.
Crews are continuing to work to clear U.S. 1 as quickly as possible. FDOT has inspected all the bridges along U.S. 1.

They cleared all the bridges to Mile Marker 16 as safe. They are waiting for reports on the safety of the remaining bridges.
The County will continue to evaluate the situation. The goal is to get all residents back into the Keys as quickly.

Sea Oates Beach MM 75

Monroe County Government


An astounding recovery effort is underway in the Florida Keys. 

- The National Guard has entered the Keys to help with recovery efforts.
- The first 6 of 42 bridges (the stretch including Jewfish Creek bridge) have been inspected by FDOT and are safe for travel. As surface roads and local streets are cleared of debris and downed power lines, the road will be opened in sections. THIS HAS NOT YET HAPPENED. Please do not try to drive into the Keys until official word has been given that the road is open. First responders, emergency workers and essential personnel will be the first allowed re-entry.
- Fuel remains a critical concern and must be available for emergency crews.
- Most roads in Key West are being cleared.
- It may be a few days before electricity is returned to the entire Keys. There are 35 trucks and 100 workers en route from Jacksonville to Key West to help restore power to Keys Energy.
- NASKW and Boca Chica runways are currently open for recovery rotary wing aircraft and should open for fixed wing this afternoon.
- The USS Lincoln aircraft carrier will shortly be anchored off Key West to provide emergency services, and three other Navy vessels are en route to assist.
- The Red Cross and Salvation Army will be bringing thousands of MRE's and potable water to the Keys with serving first responders as a priority.
- There is no water, power or cell service in the Keys.

Please continue to be patient. 


Monroe County Government - Manditory Evacuations Due to Hurricane Irma GET OUT NOW


Updated September 9th, 2017

MARATHON, FL – Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi has a message for anyone left in the Keys: “Get out.”

For Immediate Release
Sept. 7, 2017
Contact: Cammy Clark, Public Information Officer
Follow us on Facebook at Monroe County BOCC


MARATHON, FL – Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi has a message for anyone left in the Keys: “Get out.”

“Hurricane Irma is a very strong, very dangerous storm that has life-threatening winds and even scarier storm surge potential,” he said. “Even the Coast Guard is evacuating all of its personnel. Please evacuate.”
And, Gastesi added, “Once a dangerous storm starts, don’t dial 911 during it because nobody is going to answer.” 

Monroe County Emergency Management held its latest Keys-wide briefing and the news from Jon Rizzo, meteorologist from the National Weather Service Key West, was not good.
Rizzo said that a portion of the Keys could suffer storm surge of 5 to 10 feet and life threatening winds of more than 110 mph are possible through most of the Keys. Ocean Reef now has a 56 percent chance of hurricane force winds and the percentages continue to rise as the storm gets closer.

Hurricane Irma, now a Category 5 storm with winds of 175 mph, is especially worrisome because it is so large, with hurricane force winds spanning more than 100 miles.
The Florida Keys have been under a hurricane watch and storm surge watch and it is expected that those soon will be upgraded to hurricane warnings and storm surge warnings. This means those conditions are possible within 36 hours

Tropical force winds are expected to hit the Keys late Saturday morning to early Saturday afternoon. Core hurricane force winds could hit the Keys Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

Here’s the latest updates:
The Key West Transit hurricane evacuation bus will begin picking up people in Key West at 6 a.m. It makes stops all along U.S. 1 in the Keys. It will take people to Monroe County’s two shelters in Miami-Dade County: FIU and the pet-friendly E. Darwin Fuchs Pavilion at the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds and Exposition. About 200 people were transported on these evacuation buses on Thursday.
The last Greyhound bus is scheduled to leave Key West at 8:30 a.m. Friday.
The Miami-Dade Transit Route 301 from Marathon to 344th Street Park & Ride on the mainland will be in service until conditions become unsafe.
At 8 a.m. Friday, the Port of Key West will close.
The locking of the Snake Creek Drawbridge in Islamorada will begin at 6 a.m. and be finished by 8 a.m.
Acquiring gas deliveries has been a top priority, and deliveries are expected to five gas stations throughout the Keys on Friday.
The last commercial flight departed Key West International Airport on Thursday night. General aviation will continue at the airport until conditions are unsafe, likely Saturday morning.
General aviation at Florida Keys Marathon International Airport will continue until conditions are unsafe. 
However, all general aviation services, including fueling, are suspended at both airports.


The 2017 Hurricane Season Starts on June 1, Are You and Your Property Ready?


Updated May 23, 2017

With the 2017 Hurricane Season just around the corner, it is time for you to prepare yourself and your property before you leave for the season or to put your Hurricane Plans together for the upcoming season if you stay on Duck Key.

We have up dated our links on Hurricane Info and Local Weather in the left margin of our Web Site. We have also added helpful information in the Documents link in the left margin to include Hurricane Awareness pages. There you will find several documents for putting Hurricane Preparation and Check Lists together for you and your family. There are also documents located there on the safe use of Food and Water during an disaster. Also you will find information for your 3 Day Food and Water supplies to have on hand during a disater. There are several links on the Hurricane Info link in the links on the left column, I believe that the UF (University of Florida) link has great information that everyone should look at. It includes Hurricane Preparation for yourself and family but also has links on many items that Duck Key property owners could use; such as boat and landscape preparation.  

We hope that these upgrades to our Web Site will be useful to our members. The time to start your Hurricane preparation is now, not when a storm is over the Florida Straights.  



D.K.P.O.A. Annual General Member Meeting Scheduled for Sunday March 12, 2017


Up Dated February 2, 2017

D.K.P.O.A. will be holding their Annual General Member Meeting Sunday March 12, 2017 at Club Duck Key. The meeting will start a 4:00 PM so please arrive early to sign in. Club Duck Key is located a 100 San Jaun Street on Center Island. 

This years meeting will have a full agenda with President David Williamson, the entire Board and Committee Chairs present to update members on subjects such as finanicals, current and future projects, island beautification, safety issue & concerns along with discussions on the future direction of the organization. We would like to have as many members present as possible to get a better understanding of our members wants and needs going down the road.

Please make time if possible to attend this years meeting. We desire as much input as we can get for our membership because this is your organization and your island. We cannot run this organization the way you desire if we do not have your input. We look forward to seeing you there and we will work together to make Duck Key a wonderful place to live.  


Community Meeting on MSTU Today at Club Duck Key


Up Dated October 11, 2016

There is a community meeting being held today at Club Duck Key to discuss the two proposed MSTU referendum's on this years ballot. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm and Commisioner Rice and the County Attorney will be there to answer questions and discuss residents concerns. Please arrive on time to allow for everyone to get the answers they want.



A Letter to Our D.K.P.O.A. Members Converning the Up Coming MSTU Referendum from The D.K.P.O.A.Board Members


Up Dated 9/22/16  Soft Opening at Angler & Ale for Duck Key Residents Only May 13th, 2016



D.K.P.O.A. Annual General Member Meeting This Sunday March 7th.

Up Dated March 4th, 2016


Santa and His Carolers to Visist Duck Key


Updated December 7, 2015



Breaking News, Arrest in Duck Key Boat Theft!


Up Dated September 24, 2015




Warning; Speed Enforcement Increasing on Duck Key


Up Dated May 15, 2015 

Speeding has increased on the streets and bridges of Duck Key. Monroe County Sheriff Office is going to to do something about it.

Increased enforcement of speed limits on Duck Key has already begun. The Monroe County Sheriff Office has recently clocked speeders going as high as 50 MPH on Bimini Drive. Duck Key has a lot of pedestrain, bike and golf cart traffic. It is only a matter of time before speeding causes a tragedy here on the island. The Duck Key Security District Advisory Board has been working with county and sheriff officals to come up with a plan to decrease speeds. Stop signs, lights and speed bumps have all been considered, but each can create issues of their own. DKSDAB along with the Sheriff Office has decided to try increased enforcement of the speed limits to discourage speeding on the island.

This is a WARNING; speeding on Duck Key will not be tolerated by the sheriff deputies. All Duck Key Bridges have a speed limit of 10 MPH, all Duck Key streets have an 25 MPH speed limit on them. Speed at your own risk. The safety of residents, family, friends and visitors is not worth getting home 1 minute earlier. Slow Down, Buckle Up and Arrive Alive.


D.K.P.O.A. Annual Meeting This Upcoming Sunday At Club Duck Key


Updated March 9th, 2015



Annual D.K.P.O.A. General Member Meeting Scheduled for Sunday March 15, 2015 At Club Duck Key


Updated January 22, 2015

D.K.P.O.A. will hold it's Annual General Member Meeting on Sunday March 15, 2015 at Club Duck Key.

The D.K.P.O.A. Board will call the meeting to order promptly at 4:00 PM. The Board will present information to membership to include Committee Reports, 2015 Budget, Projects Underway and Planned for the Future, Present Issues that affect our community and our way of life here on Duck Key.

Details to be updated as they become available.


Spring & Summer Duck Key Times Posted, Emailed and Mailed


Updated June 22, 2014

The Spring and Summer Editions of the Duck Key Property Owners Association; "The Duck Key Times" has been posted under documents in the left column of this web site, Emailed to those that have it delivered by email and Mailed to those that recieve it by US Mail.

Hope that you enjoy it and find all the new projects that D.K.P.O.A. is accomplishing on your behalf are as exciting as we do. Sorry foe the delay in getting out the newsletters.


Monroe County Sheriff Office Find Kayak on Duck Key


Updated May 7, 2014

The Monroe County Sheriff Office has found a red - single seated kayak on a vacant lot off of Corsair Dr across from the Morrell residence. No one on Duck Key has reported a missing or stolen kayak. The sheriff office has the kayak in storage for safe keeping. If you are missing a red single seat kayak or know someone that is, please contact the sheriff office at 305-289-2430.



Significant Theft of Fishing Tackle on Yacht Club Island


Updated March 11, 2014

A significant amount of fishing tackle was stolen from a property on Yacht Club Island on Duck Key. The theft happened between 7:00 PM Sunday March 9th and 7:00 AM Monday March 10th.

Please make sure that you secure your equipment when not in use until these thieves can be apprehended. It would be advisable to keep your eye open for anyone that looks out of place on our Islands. Some of the recent thefts have been done by water in the middle of the night. If you hear boats running during the night, turn on your dock lights. If you see someone call 911 immediately, if they are in a boat, try to get a description or registration numbers. Do not try to apprehend them yourselves. 

Our community needs to look out for one and other. If you see something, say something! Thank You. 



The Annual D.K.P.O.A. Member Meeting Held


Up Dated March 4, 2014

A good number of D.K.P.O.A. members attended the Annual Member Meeting on Sunday February 16 at Club Duck Key. D.K.P.O.A. President Davis Williamson, the Board and Committee Chairs had presentations prepared for the membership.

The meeting start with the approval of last years minutes, financial report and approval of the 2014 budget. Committee Chairs spoke on issue such as; the waste water project, reclaimed water changes, island beautification, membership, communications and street signage. President Williamson handed out a questionnaire to attending members with a list of projects that could be done over the next couple of years. He asked the membership to rank the projects in order of importance so the board could but a plan together using memberships guidance. Membership questions were addressed throughout the meeting. When all business was conducted, the meeting was adjourned.

Special thanks to all that attended this years meeting, Club Duck Key and all the board members for all their hard work going forward.



D.K.P.O.A. Annual Meeting Sunday February 16th at Club Duck Key


Up Dated February 16th, 2014


D.K.P.O.A. Was Busy on December 7th.


Up Dated December 13, 2013

December 7th was a very busy day for DKPOA! Two big events took place on the island. In the morning was the island cleanup and in the evening was the Welcome Back party sponsored by DKPOA and Club Duck Key.
A huge thank you goes out to the following eager clean up volunteers: Steve Showerman, Jerry Fortier, Jim Boback, Mary and Bill Murphy, Mary and Jay Salinger, Bob McCormick, Sherry and Bruce Popham and Sue and Dave Williamson. Many bags of trash and recyclables were collected from all the islands of Duck Key. Sherry and Bruce Popham generously offered to take all the bags and large items to their business, Marathon Boatyard, for proper disposal in their dumpster and recycle bin. Please thank them as well as all the other volunteers for their tremendous efforts to keep our island looking clean. In addition, we must thank the avid dog walkers and fitness walkers who routinely pick up trash on their routes. Now let us all do our part to keep the island looking litter free and neat!
Here is a photo of some of the volunteers that helped with the Island Clean Up.
Club Duck Key was the site of a magical holiday party on this beautiful night. Becky Townsend and her committee transformed the pool area into a wonderland of lights. Jim and Merlynn Boback, Fran Showerman, Joe and JoAnn Orr, Sue Williamson, Carolyn and Dave Maki, Billie Kline, Joe Townsend and Chris Seidling assisted in the party details. Grazing stations of delicious foods and beverages satisfied all the guests. Music and dancing beneath the tiki hut was fun for all who participated. There even was an open pit fire burning for additional atmosphere. People of all age groups attended and everyone definitely had a wonderful time. It truly was a night to be remembered!


DKPOA and Club Duck Key work closely together. The club has tennis courts, a pool and many social activities. They currently are offering a $500 non-voting membership program. If you are interested, please contact Dan Fenster at 743-5967 or


The Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K Next Week


Up Dated November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means the the Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K is next week. This event is a Run-Walk 5K that starts at the Calm Waters Spa located at Hawks Cay Resort and travels throughout beautiful Duck Key.

The Turkey Trot benefits the Relay for Life-American Cancer Society. It is a great way to work off some of that Thanksgiving Dinner from later in the day and help a great cause; The American Cancer Society. 

Winner of each division will receive a medal and 1st Place winners of each division also receive a turkey. Hawks Cay is also giving out some great raffle prizes to participants after the event to include; Restaurant Gift Certificates, Spa Treatment Gift Certificates, Free Hotel Night Stays, T Shirts and More.

The cost to participate is a $15 donation per person with the first 500 participants receiving a special T Shirt. Other participants will also receive a T Shirt. Pre-Registration is recommended and can be done online, at Hawks Cay's Guest Services or at the Indies Club. Those that pre-register can pick up their packets starting at Tuesday at the guest service desk or Thursdays morning at 7:30 AM. Please contact Wynn Merryman by phone at 305-289-4892 or by email at for details.

This is always a great event and what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by helping a great cause like the American Cancer Society. Hope to see you there.



Duck Key Final Paving Through Out Island Completed


Up Dated November 15, 2013

All the roads on the residential side of Duck Key have now received their final paving after the completion of the Waste Water Project. Duck Key Drive from US 1 to the Truman Bridge has also been repaved.

When you turn onto Duck Key from US 1 onto the freshly reconstructed Tom's Harbor Bridge to the end of Yacht Club Island you will be cruising on smooth pavement. It has be along time since residents have been able to enjoy the drive around Duck Key, without getting their bodies jarred and their vehicle dirty from the construction and patches in the pavement. Riding in your golf cart is now really enjoyable with the smooth roads. Lines have even been painted on the roads through out the Island.

Enjoy the smooth comfortable ride around beautiful Duck Key, the Island is starting to get back to normal and it is all good.  


The Truman Bridge and the Tom's Harbor Bridges are Repaired


Updated August 16, 2013

Truman Bridge Railing Repaired

The Truman Bridge has been repaired and is back looking great. The railing on the bridge was damaged in an early morning accident on June 17th. The accident involved an Monroe County Sheriff Cruiser, no one was hurt in the accident. Bridge repairs to the railings were completed on Friday July 19th. 


Tom's Harbor Bridge Open to 2 Way Traffic

After fifteen long months of one way traffic on the Tom's Harbor Bridge, the bridge is open to 2 way traffic. The lights and lane closures are gone even though some small repairs need to be completed.

The sub structure of the bridge has been repaired, new road decking, side walks and guard rails are installed. No more waiting to enter or leave Duck Key. The merge lane at the intersection of Duck Key Drive and US1 heading toward Grassy Key is going away, even after D.K.P.O.A. members and the County requested that it stay after the construction was completed. F.D.O.T. denied all requests for the merge lane to stay. 

The Old Tom's Harbor bridge was built in the late 60's, hopefully the newly repaired bridge will last another 35 years. Enjoy the new bridge and the extra time you will have gained not sitting waiting for the lights to go green.



Truman Bridge Repairs to be Complete by Friday July 19; Watch for Lane Closures


Updated July 19, 2013

Watch for lane closures during the week of July 19th, 2013 as repairs are being done to the railing on the Truman Bridge. Repairs were to start on Tuesday July 16th and be completed by Friday night. Heavy rains have hampered construction all week with worked continuing late into the night to try to finish repairs.

One lane traffic will be in use during repairs with flagmen in site during repair hours. Please use caution when traveling through this area during construction. 



Urgent Traffic Notice from Sheriff Office


Updated June 18th 2013

 Monroe County Sheriff Office has posted an Urgent Traffic Notice for Duck Key Residents concerning the traffic on the upcoming 4th of July Holiday Weekend. The traffic flow on and off Duck Key will be manually operated on Sunday July 7th by the Sheriff Office. Long delays are to be expected on Duck Key as the intent is to keep US1 flowing. Please inform your friends and neighbors of these changes. 

We have posted the notice under documents to the left for you. Sorry for the bad news, but all this will be over shortly as the repairs on the Tom's Harbor Bridge are moving along.



Truman Bridge Damaged in Early Morning Crash


An early morning crash on the Truman Bridge has badly damaged the inbound lane's railing. The incident occurred during the over night hours of June 17th, 2013. The vehicle hit the center divider and over corrected hitting the bridges side railing. Unconfirmed reports stated that a Monroe County Sheriff Officer cruiser was involved in the accident. No word of any injuries were reported.

We will keep you up to date on any repairs times or possible closures when we get that information. Please use extra caution in this area until repairs have been completed.