The Village of Westwood
The Village of Westwood
In Beautiful St. Louis, Missouri
Interstate 64 (Highway 40) Updates

Click the following links to see local St. Louis media coverage of the Village of Westwood gate issue:

Latest Info: St. Louis Post Dispatch

KMOX Radio 1120am

Old News:

KSDK News Channel 5

Fox 2 News

St. Louis Post Dispatch

KMOX Radio

For the latest information regarding the New Interstate 64 (Highway 40) construction project, select this link:

For a copy of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decisions (ROD), select this link:

Please review the latest copy of the Village Voice, our Westwood Newsletter, to see what the Trustees are proposing to mitigate the effects of the I-64 construction: Village Voice

Official Project Website - provides information about all aspects of The New I-64 Project, including traffic closure information and sign-up for email updates.

Regional Road Network Information - provides real-time traffic information about the St. Louis region, in a visual or email format, including all MoDOT construction work and incidents on the interstates.
Email Access/Inquiries - provides next-business-day email response to questions or concerns

Telephone Resources

511, Regional Traffic Info Line - provides real-time traffic information about the St. Louis region, by phone (available summer 2007)

314-524-9191, The New I-64 Project Info Line - provides live response to callers with questions or concerns about I-64; Monday thru Friday, 8a to 5p. Voicemail option is available at all other times.

1-888-ASK MODOT (888-275-6636) or 314-340-4100, MoDOT Customer Service – provides live response to callers with questions or concerns about any MoDOT issue; 24/7/365
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Project Information via internet:

Project information via phone: 314-524-9191

Real-time traffic information via email/internet:

Real-time traffic information via phone: 511

Project website

Page Headings:

Project Overview – Summary information and highlights of the project

Construction Zone – Traffic Advisories, Construction Schedule and Regional Traffic Improvements

Newsroom – I-64 Project Headlines, including the most recent news releases; Speakers’ Bureau; newsletters; related fact sheets; link to newsletter and email notice sign up list

Commuter Alternatives – List of recommended alternatives, including links to Metro and RideFinders

Taking Care of Business – Section of website not developed yet. Will provide general recommended access to business districts and sections.

Workforce Development – Information about maximizing opportunities for minority and female workers and DBE firms.

Information Zone – A series of frequently asked questions with answers

Contact Us – Email and telephone information for Public Information Managers for Gateway Constructors and MoDOT; a link to the comment form that will be answered by project staff; a link to subscribe to Project Emails and newsletters

List of Functions:

  • Provides news and advisories related specifically to the I-64 project
  • Provides year-by-year construction schedules
  • Provides a project overview with segment maps (PDF format) for users to view, download and/or print
  • Provides an animation of the future I-64/I-170 interchange
  • Provides a list of public meetings and events
  • Provides suggestions for commuters as well as links to a variety of other commuter resources, including RideFinders and Metro
  • Provides opportunities to sign up for newsletters and email updates
  • Offers businesses, chambers and business districts the opportunity to link to our websites to support business access information
  • Provides referral information for Workforce Development and DBE firm utilization
  • Answers many FAQs about the project

Page Headings

Home – Provides real-time map of regional road network with closures and incident information

About Gateway Guide
– Describes current and future features being added to improve roadway efficiency and safety

Contact Us – provides email link to send comment or question, local office main phone number and names of key personnel for public contact issues

ITS Schematic – Under Construction

Updates – Past, Present, and Future ITS Developments in Missouri

FAQ – Series of frequently asked questions about Gateway Guide

Motorist Assist – Information about MoDOT’s program to assist motorists, including covered routes, services available, traffic befits and accident-reduction results.

List of Functions

  • Provides real-time traffic updates for the regional road network
  • Provides specific info on incident locations and emergency closures
  • Provides an exhaustive list of links to other transportation and regional resources
  • Will provide Origin-Destination routing that uses current construction info/road status
  • Provides relevant info to highway motorists via changeable message boards
  • Will provide estimated travel time information on message boards in the near future
  • Provides accurate traffic information used by virtually all local St. Louis media

Telephone Resources

511 Traffic Information Phone Line - Provides real-time traffic conditions by phone for Interstate highways, by direction and location

Project Info Line: 314-524-9191 - Provides live answer (M-F, 8a-5p) with response to questions and concerns within one business day. Callers may leave a voicemail during all other times.

Project Info Email - An email inbox that will connect to the comments section of the Project website. Project staff will email responses to comments, questions and concerns.

MoDOT Customer Service – 1-888-ASK MODOT (888-275-6636) or 314-340-4100 - Provides 24/7/365 response for urgent concerns, or callers who are unsure of where to call