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Welcome to the interactive website for the Sonquipaug Association, a private residential community located on Watchaug Pond in Charlestown, Rhode Island. This four season area features a pristine pond for boating, fishing, swimming, waterskiing, canoeing and kayaking. A spirit of warm and friendly neighbors makes this a great place to call home. On this site, you'll find information about Sonquipaug, as well as a means of easily communicating with your Sonquipaug neighbors and the Sonquipaug Association Board of Directors. We hope you find this site easy to use, informative, and reliable.

Watchaug Pond

Burlingame State Park, Management Area and Campground, and the Wildlife Refuge, both in Charlestown, Rhode Island, have a combined total of 3,100 acres. The park originally opened in 1934 and has a long and colorful history. It was within the borders of Burlingame that the first Civilian Conversation Corps camp in the state of Rhode Island was erected. During World War II military units were stationed here serving on beach patrol along Rhode Island’s coast, and at one point also served as a prisoner of war camp.

The park is located geographically close to the terminal moraine of the Wisconsin Glacier so the terrain is mainly rocky and broken hills. Glacial erratic litter the forests of hemlock, spruce, and black oak throughout the park and evidence of its farming past can be found in old stonewalls deep in the forested regions.

The draw to Burlingame State Park is Watchaug Pond of which over half sits in the boundaries of the park. Recent studies have revealed that despite farming to the north and acid rain, Watchaug Pond is in excellent health and the water is exceptionally clean and clear. The calm waters of Watchaug Pond are ideal for canoeing and kayaking as well as fresh water fishing attraction during the warm and humid summer months. However, a real draw along the banks of the Watchaug is bird watching.

Town: Charlestown, RI             Max. Depth: 36 feet

Size: 573 Acres                        Avg. Depth: 8 feet

Water: Lightly stained              Ramp: Cement ripple blocks

Directions: From route 1 in Charlestown, RI look for Prosser Road. Follow Prosser Road for a less than a mile and look for the entrance to Burlingame State Park on your left. Then follow the signs to the Public Boat Ramp, before which the road changes from asphalt to dirt.

The ramp is 1 boat wide and it is recommended that a 4 wheel drive be used for fiberglass boats. The sandy area in front of the ramp can make it difficult to get out at times depending on water level. The parking area at the ramp can hold approximately 12 vehicles and trailers and there is additional parking at the entrance parking lot with a short walk of several hundred feet.

There is no horse power limit at the pond. Large and small bass are in good supply although weather seems to affect this pond more than others at times. Generally, rubber worms and crank baits do well. 


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